Sunko has been focusing on challenging transportation problems for 19 years and now had it down to a fine art. In order to create chain of perfection we do more than good design and engineering. The completion of the construction appropriate to its original design, is being possible with the tailor made design together with earnestly executed construction supervision. We provide services to a diverse client portfolio with different priorities. We formulate our design as an optimization of need, aesthetic and cost effectiveness. It is established considering the constraints of applicability; field conditions, technical capacity of the equipment, staff of the contractor, construction stages and land expropriation limitations. As a result of this approach and discipline; the contractors working alongside Sunko achieve the best results in the field, even under the most challenging conditions. The significant characteristic of Sunko making it distinct from other firms having only design or supervision experience is that Sunko has a very deep ingenuity in both of these fields.


        Sunko has been producing road, bridge designs and supervision services especially and uniquely in accordance with the related conditions and customer requirements. Sunko has completed design of more than 1000 bridges and 500 Kms of Roadway/Railway with precision and attention since 1999.


Services provided to the International Customers

        With its experienced engineers fluent in English, Sunko Proje is looking for local partners to produce overseas projects. We provide competitive services in international markets with the highest quality and experienced engineers.


  • Alignment Design of Rural Roads, Motorways and Highways

  • Design of Multilevel and Grade Level Intersections

  • Design of Post-Tensioned, Precast Prestressed Bridges

  • Balanced Cantilever Bridges

The clients of Sunko are the public entities with the largest budget amounts in Turkey and the leading top 250 International contractors in the world including :

Mevlana Bridge Crossing by Sunko Proje with 55m span length. Post Tensioned special bridge is located in Antalya Turkey


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