Managing Partner’s Message

SUNKO has been focusing on challenging transportation problems for 22 years and now had it down to a fine art.

In order to create chain of perfection, we do more than good design and engineering. The completion of the construction appropriate to its original design, is being possible with the tailor made design together with earnestly executed construction supervision.

We provide services to a diverse client portfolio with different priorities. We formulate our design as an optimization of demand / capacity, aesthetic and cost effectiveness. It is established considering the constraints of applicability; field conditions, technical capacity of the equipment, staff of the contractor, construction stages and land expropriation limitations. As a result of this approach and discipline; the contractors working alongside SUNKO achieve the best results on the ground, even under the most challenging conditions.

The significant characteristic of making it distinct from others, is that; we have a deep ingenuity and experience both in Design Consultancy and Construction Supervision Services.

SUNKO has been producing infrastructural engineering designs and supervision services especially and uniquely in accordance with the related conditions and customer requirements. SUNKO has completed more than 1000 bridges and 800 km of Highway/Railway in Turkey with precision and attention since 1999. From cable stayed bridge designs to port designs we provide full scope engineering services in broad area.

With its expert engineers, SUNKO provides engineering and consultancy services to tier 1 overseas projects.

SUNKO provides Consultancy for Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Services of;

  • Motorways and Railways
  • Grade Level Intersections & Grade Separated Interchanges
  • Conventional (Precast / Steel Girder) Bridges
  • Sophisticated Bridges (Cable Stayed, Post Tensioned, Balanced Cantilever, Extra-dose, Segmental, ILM, MSS, etc.)
  • Motorway / Railway / Hydraulic Tunnels
  • Marine Structures (Ports, Piers, Shipyards, Dry/Sloped Docks, Breakwaters, Spurs, Embarkment and Coastal Shore Protection)
  • Wind & Wave Climate Assessments, Numeric Modelling of Waves (Generation, Propagation, Transformation and Agitation Analysis), Flow, Hydrodynamics and Morpho-dynamics (Sediment, Transport and Morphology)
  • PPP Feasibility Studies and EPCM for Contractors Rehabilitation, Upgrading, Enlargement Project
  • Land and Bathymetric Surveys, Geodetic Services
  • Geologic – Geotechnical Studies, Soil Investigations
  • Hydraulic Structures and Feasibility Studies (Dams, Reservoirs, Irrigation Channels, Pump Stations, Aqua-ducts, Drainage and Pipelines)
  • Cost Estimation and Preparation of Bid Documents
  • Our clients are mostly public institutions or and Top 300 ENR construction companies such as

  • General Directorate of Highways (KGM)
  • Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA)
  • Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)
  • General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI)
  • Turkish State Railways (TCDD)
  • Ministry of Transport & Infra-Structure (UAB, UDHB)
  • General Directorate of Infra-Structural Investments (AYGM)
  • Ministry of Defense (MSB)
  • Turkish Petroleum and Pipeline Company (BOTAŞ)
  • Gokcenay Construction
  • Limak Construction
  • Balfin Group – Albania
  • Walton Industries - Bangladesh
  • Kumport Port Services and Logistics Inc.
  • SNH Construction
  • Makimsan Construction
  • Ballast Nedam International
  • Intekar Construction
  • Gokcenay Construction
  • Mek-Yol Construction